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The Economic Benefits of Bail

May 12, 2019Blog

Many people don’t consider the economic effect of imprisoning people who are accused of a crime. Making them wait in jail until their trial severely disrupts an individual’s life, as well as the economy as a whole. Fortunately, the bail bonds system gives the accused, and their family, a chance to experience as much normalcy as possible while waiting for trial. Below we will outline the ways that a bail bonds company helps people who are accused of a crime, especially in the economic sense.

Bail Bonds Help People Keep Their Jobs

If a defendant remains in jail until their trial, they will have to miss work. That usually means they will be fired. This creates an unfair situation, especially if the defendant is found innocent. In a sense, this is punishing someone for being accused of a crime, which is not the way that the judicial system is supposed to work in America.

Also consider that there are often other people who depend on the defendant for their own needs. Spouses and children will suffer and their quality of life will decline. Typically, they will have to apply for public assistance just to survive. This puts an undue, and unnecessary, burden on the economy as a whole.

Bail bonds allow the defendant to keep working. They are able to provide for their family and contribute to society as a whole through their work. If they are found innocent at trial, they can then continue with their normal life with very little disruption.

Keep the Money Flowing

No man is an island. Every individual contributes to the economy by buying goods and services. When an individual awaiting trial is allowed to keep earning money, they then put that money back into the economy. If they are prohibited from earning because they are imprisoned, many people will suffer. Their landlord or mortgage company will not get their rent or mortgage payment and they will often have to begin expensive and time consuming eviction proceedings.

Additionally, the household bills will get paid, for example; phone bill, electric bill, cable bill. The defendant cannot pay these bills if they are not able to work. This is lost revenue for the economy as a whole.

Bail Bonds Can Reduce Repeat Offenses

It stands to reason, and has been suggested by multiple sources, that lack of employment often leads people to commit crimes. When a person loses their job because of legal proceedings they will likely have less respect for the law because they feel the law had little respect for them. The option of a Bail sends a message that says, “the law is trying to do everything that it can to help them”. Guilty or not, they are less likely to commit another crime. This keeps them out of jail and being a productive member of society.

A Growing Problem

According to the Hamilton Project, 1/4 of the entire incarcerated population in the United States consist of pretrial detainees. That is a massive amount of people that are no longer contributing to society and, because of their incarceration, may not contribute for a long time. This disrupts the productivity of the workforce as a whole and puts a much bigger strain on everyone else.

Denying bail to individuals who are worthy is not only unfair to the defendant, but it is disastrous for the economy. The modern bail bond system is a very effective way to ensure that they will come to trial without completely disrupting their life, and putting strain on everyone else. If you find yourself in need of a way to make bail in the Las Vegas area, contact us at 8-Ball Bail Bonds. We understand that everyone needs help and we know that we can provide it for people in some of their most difficult times.