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Legal Prostitution in Nevada: It’s Complicated

Oct 12, 2020Blog, Legal Tips

Nevada is a unique state; it’s the only state in the union with legalized prostitution. However, this does not mean that it is completely legal in all circumstances, or that you aren’t going to potentially get into trouble for hiring a hooker.

What is the Criteria for Legal Prostitution in Nevada?

There are some strict regulations covering prostitution in Nevada. Prostitution is only legal:

  1. In a licensed house of prostitution (i.e., a brothel). Streetwalking, cruising, and solicitation are all illegal. Escort services may not offer or advertise sexual services.
  2. In counties with less than 700,000 residents. Notably, this means prostitution is not legal in the city of Las Vegas or the unincorporated areas.
  3. In counties which don’t have a law or rule against it. In fact, prostitution is only legal in ten counties in Nevada, one of which does not currently have any licensed brothels.

The law also requires that prostitutes be over 18, get tested for STDs regularly, and use condoms. Brothels cannot be within 400 yards of a school or place of worship, or on a main street. They also can’t advertise in theaters, on public streets, or on highways.

All of these regulations mean that illegal prostitution is still fairly common in Nevada, especially Las Vegas.

How Can You Be Sure You Are Engaging a Legal Prostitute?

So, if you are looking to engage a prostitute, how can you be sure that their operation is legal? As already mentioned, it is not legal to operate a brothel in Las Vegas. It is also not legal to advertise a brothel in Las Vegas. (While not legal, it definitely happens).

It’s possible to find a list of the legal brothels in Nevada, some of which are close to Las Vegas. Make sure any list you check is up to date, as establishments do come and go. These brothels have websites. Prices are not published (they are, in fact, negotiated with the individual woman at the time of service). You have to go to the brothel. You can’t take a girl or an escort to your hotel room.

And, again, streetwalking and cruising are illegal. Only brothel prostitution is allowed. If you follow the rules (and use a condom) you should be able to stay out of trouble. Engaging a legal prostitute also reduces your risk of catching something, as they have to be tested regularly.

What to Do if you Get Arrested?

Despite everything, a lot of people still get arrested for soliciting in Las Vegas. Soliciting prostitution is a misdemeanor that can carry a maximum of six months in jail, a fine of up to $1,000, and possibly community service. The illegal sex trade in Las Vegas dwarfs the legal trade, and many escorts offer sexual services despite the illegality. Many illegal sex workers are trafficked or pimped, and they lack the legal and physical protections that exist in the brothels.

This means that if you are not very careful, you can still be arrested in Las Vegas for soliciting. Repeat offenses result in more serious charges, especially if you continue to solicit in a casino. The sex trade is often in your face and it can be hard to determine what is legal and what isn’t. Tourists are arrested for this all the time and can face fines, jail time, and public embarrassment.

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