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Open Carry in Las Vegas

Jun 13, 2019Blog, Legal Tips

A vacation to Las Vegas can turn into a nightmare if you open carry your firearm into a casino. You may feel protected by Nevada law that allows for open carry, however, a casino can ask you to leave. Knowing where you can legally go, who can ask you to leave, and what a no-gun sign really means, is essential to staying in compliance and out of jail.

Public vs Private Property

Whether you are a tourist or a Nevada resident, understanding where you can and cannot open carry in Las Vegas is important to avoid arrest. Nevada law does not require a permit to open carry and it is legal to do so within the state. There are certain exclusions, however, like the following:

  • Federal buildings—Courthouses, post offices, and other federal buildings do not allow for open carry.
  • Schools—Public schools and universities are also off-limits for open carry.
  • The Hoover Dam—This popular attraction for tourists and visiting friends and family prohibits all firearms.
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area—No loaded firearms are allowed onto the property.

A business that advertises or posts signs stating that open carry is not allowed is not backed by state law. This means you can legally open carry, providing the property owner doesn’t ask you to leave.

Private property owners have the right to prohibit open carry in their establishment. Many casinos do not allow for open carry and if they ask you to leave, you must comply—or face a charge of trespassing.

State Reciprocity

Differences in state laws make understanding open carry a bit more difficult. Reciprocity, meaning a mutual exchange of privileges, between states allows for less confusion and more importantly, less chance of an arrest.

When it comes to state reciprocity, it is important to understand the difference between open carry and concealed carry. Open carry means your firearm is visible and not concealed by clothing. A concealed carry permit requires a permit. Such a permit is more involved and to have a concealed weapon in Nevada, you must check their state reciprocity list before visiting.

What to Do if Arrested

Should you visit Las Vegas, open carry, and find yourself arrested, contact 8 Ball Bail Bonds. We provide fast service, 24/7. The sooner we get you out-of-jail, the sooner you can work on your defense.

An arrest for trespassing or any other charge can happen in the blink-of-an-eye. Gun laws and rights are complex. It is easy to misunderstand or for a police officer to possibly misinterpret your intentions.

If you choose to open carry in Las Vegas, be smart about it and know the rules. When you misunderstand or fail to follow the law, you can easily end up in need of bail.

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