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Get Bail Fast: A Step By Step Guide

Nov 13, 2018Bail Bond Information, Blog

At some point in your life, you may find that you or someone close to you needs to make bail after being arrested. When that happens, it’s urgent that the person in custody return home to family and loved ones as soon as possible so that they can concentrate on getting ready for their court date. That’s why using a bail bondsman is designed to be as easy as possible. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to make bail, here are simple instructions for expediting the bail process:

1. Gather bail information.

In some instances, you’ll stand before a judge who will set bail based upon what he or she feels is fair. For minor crimes, there may just be a bail schedule that lists your bail. Either way, once you’re arrested and taken into custody, find out the amount of the bail. You should be able to get complete information regarding your arrest from a jail employee. Here’s all the information you’ll need to put together for the next step: 

  • Bail amount 
  • Your full legal name and date of birth
  • Name and address of the facility where you’re being held, including telephone number, street address, zip code
  • List/description of charges
  • Your processing or ID number (also known as case or booking number)
  • Other information regarding the conditions of the arrest 

2. Contact a friend or relative who can arrange for bail.

At some point after bail is determined, you’ll have the opportunity to contact a friend or family member and pass the bail information on to them. If you can’t pay the bail in full, the person you contact will need to co-sign the bond themselves or they’ll have to work on your behalf to find someone else who can. In order for a person to be eligible to co-sign a bail bond, they need to be employed, financially established (so usually they need to be at least in their mid twenties) and have good credit.

3. Your friend contacts a bail bondsman.

Next, the person arranging bail for you calls a bail bondsman. Your friend will need all the information you gathered about your arrest and they’ll pass it on to the bail bonds company in an initial telephone contact. If this individual is your co-signer, they’ll also want to take this opportunity to ask the company what information they need to bring with them in order to prove that they can co-sign. Some bail bond companies, like 8-Ball Bail Bonds, are available 24/7 so that the paperwork can be started right away.

4. Your friend visits the bail bonds company.

The person arranging bail for you then needs to go down to the company in person to complete the paperwork. In the state of Nevada, the bail bondsman will post your entire bail after they’ve received payment on your behalf for 15% of the bail bond. (The percentage varies from state to state). In situations where visiting the company isn’t possible, the process can be done by fax. 

5. Your friend picks you up from jail.

When bail has been posted, the bail bondsman will contact your friend or family member to let them know when and where to pick you up. When they arrive at the location where you’re being held in custody, it usually takes at least twenty minutes before you’re released. Then you’ll be able go home and prepare for your court date. We always advise that you seek legal representation for this last step, and that you never go to court alone.

At 8-Ball Bail Bonds, we specialize in making the bail process quick, efficient, and easy. Contact us when you or a friend or loved one needs to make bail in the Las Vegas area. Members of our experienced and professional team are available 24/7 to help you get out of jail and on with your life.