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Nevada’s Dumbest Laws

Jun 15, 2017Blog

When we think of our state laws, we likely think they are created to help protect us. Even laws we do not necessarily like, we usually begrudging admit that it is for our best, or at least someone’s good. However, there really are laws that make no sense in Nevada. They were important in their time but are now so antiquated that you probably won’t believe they are true when you hear them.  Here are 8 of Nevada’s dumbest laws.

1) It’s legal to hang someone but only if they shoot your dog! Yep, you read that right. The reason for this ridiculous law (or lack of law) has its beginnings in the Wild West. People kept dogs for more than pets. They were part a big part of a person’s livelihood in those days because they protected the herds. So, if someone killed a person’s dog, it was like killing a valued asset. According to the law, a just punishment for such a horrendous act was hanging.

2) You will find yourself in legal trouble if you lie down on the sidewalk. This law is not rooted in history but is a relatively new measure to reduce the number of homeless people who camp out on the sidewalks.

3) You got a mustache, man? Are you living in Eureka, Nevada or have a girlfriend who does? If so, don’t be caught kissing her in public. That’s right, it’s against the law in Eureka to kiss with a mustache. Back a few centuries ago men were prohibited from wearing mustaches due to their unsightly appearance (or so the lawmakers thought). So, that is how the law got started. Now society accepts facial hair on men but Eureka kept the law.

4) Keep your dentures in your mouth. Why, you ask? Well, it’s illegal to sell them in Las Vegas, Nevada. The city has deemed them a “prescriptive medical device.”

5) Watch out for this next law if you decide to drive a camel on the highway. It’s strictly forbidden. However, there’s no saying you couldn’t drive one around the block. Back in the 1860’s camels were quite popular because so many of them were imported for profit. This was a bothersome situation on the highways because people were driving them frequently. That’s why the law was established.

6) If you want to put a nice bench in the park or place a seat of any kind on your street in front of the house, think again. There is a law that states unless you get permission, it’s not acceptable. The reason for this law is to curb the homeless population in the streets and on the sidewalks.

7) You may notice many spray-painted shopping carts in Reno, Nevada. If you get caught with one in your basement, you have broken the law. This law was an effort to stop people from stealing shopping carts.

8) Do you live in Elko or know anyone who does? Did you know you must wear a mask when traversing down the road there? What could be the reason for this unusual law, you may wonder? Back in the early 1900’s a flu epidemic swept the area. Authorities feared the spread of disease was out of control. So, they commanded everyone to wear a mask when out walking down the street. They just failed to update the law books.

Maybe it’s time for Nevada to take out the old law books, read them, and make a few updates. Most officials may very well forget laws that have been on the books for so long that they now can be considered the dumbest laws. However, if you find yourself in trouble with the any current law, contact us for help!