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What NOT to do When Pulled Over by The Police

Sep 25, 2017Blog, Legal Tips

Being pulled over by the police is not an easy experience. When you see the dreaded sight of flashing lights in your rear-view mirror you might get that sinking feeling in your gut, your palms may begin to sweat and your mind races. It is stressful before you even speak to the officer. Stay calm and remember that there are certain things you should and shouldn’t do when you are pulled over by the police.

Turn Off Your Car And Stay Inside

When you are pulled over, turn off your car and stay inside. Turning off your vehicle is a good indication to the officer you do not plan to run. Stepping out of your car may be viewed as suspicious behavior (you are trying to separate yourself from something inside),  and it exposes you to the dangers of passing traffic.

Don’t Have An Attitude

A bad attitude is not going to help you one bit. You are not going to argue your way out of a ticket by acting indignant or angry. After all, if somebody hits you up with a bad attitude, how is that going to make you feel?

With the police, a bad attitude can signal you are nervous, hiding something, or might become overly aggressive. Put on enough attitude, and you could find yourself dealing with multiple officers.

This does not mean you need to act like the officer’s best friend, but keeping cool and being polite will go a long way towards establishing a rapport with the officer.

Don’t Argue

Arguing isn’t going to change an officer’s mind. Also, you risk putting an officer in a bad mood and having them write you a ticket for a worse offense or any equipment violations on your car.

You may ask the officer why you were pulled over and listen to his reason. At this point, you can decide whether you want to explain your actions or not. If you choose to explain to him why you did or didn’t do something, it can be used in court as part of the officer’s testimony.

For instance, if you are pulled over for not stopping at a stop sign and tell the officer you were late to work, in court, he can tell the judge that was your spontaneous statement. However, sometimes pleading your case can get you out of a ticket. It is a decision you need to make at the time.

However, if you admit any wrong doing, you have shot down any chance of a good defense in court.

If you choose not to speak with the officer, present your license and other paperwork and politely tell him you do not want to talk.

Remember, if you disagree with the ticket, the best place to argue is in a court room with your attorney.

Don’t Name Drop

If your best friend is the daughter of the chief of police, don’t tell the officer in a condescending or threatening tone. The officer does not care, and you might end up aggravating the situation.

If you can politely work it into a conversation that is OK but don’t expect it to get you too far. Police officers know they will not be punished if they give a ticket to a friend or relative of a prominent person.

Control Your Passengers (At Least Try To)

If your passengers start arguing with the officer, you could very well end up being the one who pays the price. If you have a friend who begins an argument, the officer could end up writing you a ticket for every violation witnessed. It is not fair, but it is a possibility.

So, if you get pulled over and you know the friend in your car is argumentative ask them to be quiet so you can end the entire incident as fast as possible.

Make Your Hands Visible 

Officers like to know where your hands are and where they are going. So, have your hands visible when the officer approaches your car. When he asks you for your paperwork, tell him where it is and when you are going to reach for it. Don’t move excessively fast.

The last thing you want to do is cause alarm in the officer’s mind.

Being pulled over is not a regular part of your day. When you see the red and blue lights in your rearview mirror, your stress level will rise. If this happens to you, try to maintain your composure, and deal with the situation as politely as possible.

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