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Why Post Bail on Drug Possession Charges

Jan 14, 2017Blog, Legal Tips

Las Vegas is a city crowded with people from all over the world who come to spend time and have fun in this famous city in Nevada. The fact that “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” does not mean that it is impossible to get in trouble. Many residents and locals get arrested on charges of drug possession and face hefty fines and long prison terms if convicted. When arrested, you may have to make bail to resolve it. Getting out of jail on a bond is crucial as it helps you to adequately prepare your case. Therefore, if you ever find yourself in a situation like that in Las Vegas, it is important to know that there is a company willing to help you as far as getting bail is concerned.

Since 2009, 8-Ball Bail Bonds has provided honest, professional customer service which is customized to meet the needs of every individual client. We understand that an arrest can cause stress and inconvenience family and friends. This is why we are willing to take an extra step to guide and assist you through the whole process.

How bail is set in Las Vegas

Drug possession in the State of Nevada is considered a felony and you can expect a bail amount not less than $10,000. However, the court determines the actual amount at the bail hearing where the judge considers the criminal history, drug involved, and the type of possession purported in setting bail. We have three types of controlled substance possession in Nevada. These include:

  • Constructive possession, where the drugs are stored under your control
  • Actual possession, where the drugs are on your person
  • Joint possession, where you and other people jointly possessed the drug in question

Of course, bail is higher for tourists to eliminate or reduce the risk of avoiding court hearings.

How can you get out on a bond?

After being arrested and being booked into jail, you are eligible for release on bail. To reduce the period that you are likely to spend in jail, you can contact 8 Ball Bail Bonds immediately following your arrest. It may take about 30 minutes to arrange a bond, and we will send someone to come to your aid. We update you on your options and rights during the whole process and notify you of how the whole process works. We also help you figure out the best payment option, charge you the minimum amount allowable by the law, and offer you a flexible payment plan for as little as 5%. We then notify the court to finalize the arrangements of posting bail and secure your release. After this, we provide you with all the agreements, contracts, and itemized receipts.

Why are bail bonds necessary in controlled substance possession?

In drug possession, bail bonds are of particular importance because felony charges are involved. If you are not out of jail soon, you could be arraigned in court within days, and it becomes difficult to hire a good criminal defense lawyer and build a strong case. Once convicted, the consequences include:

  • For drugs scheduled I to V, you can get six years and a fine that is up to $20000
  • For drug-related substances, you are likely to face a six-month jail term and a maximum of $1000 fine.
  • Even if the court reduces the charges to a misdemeanor or dismisses them, you must go through rehab, probation, drug education classes, and community service.
  • A drug possession conviction on your record makes it hard to find employment or enroll in a higher learning institution.

Let 8-Ball Bail Bonds help you. Contact us today.