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Tips On Getting Through Incarceration

Feb 21, 2017Blog, Legal Tips

No one wants to go to jail, but unfortunately life doesn’t always give us what we want. If you get caught up in a dicey situation, or even if you happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, you can find yourself behind bars. You’ll probably be scared, confused, and unsure of what to do if you find yourself in the unusual world of incarceration. However, a little preparation can go a long way. So, before you end up in a place you’d rather not be, here are some tips that can help you reach the other side.


Tips On Getting Through Incarceration


Tip #1: Forget What You’ve Seen in The Movies

Books and movies portray prisons like they’re some Mad Max dystopia, and if you think that’s what you’re walking into then of course you’re going to be keyed-up. Real jails, though, tend not to bear much of a resemblance to their fictional counterparts. Just open your eyes, and look around. Listen to the rules you’re told, and understand how the facility you’re in actually operates.

Tip #2: Memorize Important Contact Information

One of the most restricted items in any lock-up situation is a cell phone. Unfortunately, that’s where most of us keep our vital information. The days where we actually remembered cell phone numbers other than our own (in case we make a friend, or pass a job interview, and we want someone to get hold of us) are long ago for a lot of us. It is a good idea to memorize important contact information, though, because your memory might be all you have once you’re in jail. You have access to a phone, of course, but if you don’t know the numbers to dial then it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good.

Tip #3: Put Some Money in Your Account

Most people think that everything you get in jail is paid for by the state, but that isn’t true. While incarcerated, the government will clothe you, feed you, and provide the bare necessities, but you can expect to receive a bill later. Anything you want beyond these necessities, whether it’s a disposable razor so you can shave, hygiene products like deodorant, or even a bag of Skittles, that may cost extra. Since you aren’t typically allowed to bring cash with you (though that may be allowed in some jails, depending on the rules), you should make sure your account has money deposited in it. Either by you, or a loved one, because there’s no telling when you’ll need that little extra.

Tip #4: Don’t Talk to Anyone But Your Lawyer About Why You’re There

The most commonly given legal advice is to embrace your Miranda rights, and do not talk to anyone without your lawyer present. You know not to talk to the cops, but do you also know not to talk to your cell mates? Or to guys you meet around the breakfast table? Because they can take the witness stand just as easily as a police officer can, and testify about what you told them. The same goes for when you talk on the phone. You must keep in mind that all calls are monitored and recorded.

It can be hard, not talking about the incident that landed you in jail. Especially if you have someone who is offering a sympathetic ear for you to lay all your problems on them. Just remember, loose lips sink ships, and they can have the same, disastrous effect on your case if the wrong information makes its way to the wrong people.

Most Importantly, Make Bail

Dealing with incarceration is no picnic, but if you follow these four tips you’re a lot more likely to see the other side of it. However, it’s often possible for you to partially or completely avoid jail by posting bail. If you can’t afford bail (which is not uncommon), then you need to seek out a bail bond company to post it on your behalf. That will get you out, and allow you to prepare your defense on your own terms without worrying about how uncomfortable your jumpsuit is.

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