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What you Need to Know About Cybercrime

Jun 3, 2021Blog, Legal Tips

Crimes involving the internet and computer technology are always evolving and growing in ways difficult for authorities to keep up. The nature and widespread usage of the internet can easily turn any computer crime committed into a federal crime, as opposed to a crime tried at the state level.

But what are the crimes that can be committed on your computer and what can happen if you are arrested for said crimes?

What Is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is a crime committed with the aid of a computer and the internet to steal, damage a person’s reputation, destroy their property, or even obtain the information you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. Cybercrime is taken very seriously due to the sheer amount of damage, and victims, that it can leave behind.

Cybercrime attacks cost the globe over $445 billion in 2014. Currently, McAfee’s calculations suggest that we are currently losing more than $600 billion a year globally.

Cybercrime consists of so many activities that can overlap, cross state lines, or devolve into international cyber warfare. Authorities tend to fight to keep the accused individuals in custody for as long as it takes to uncover the depth of criminal activity.

The consequences a person will suffer depends on the form the cybercrime takes and who the purported victims are.

Types Of Cybercrime?

There is no exhaustive list of cybercrimes as they are always evolving, but an overview list would include:

  • Cyber financial crimes
  • Cyberterrorism
  • Cyberextortion
  • Child pornography
  • Cybersex trafficking
  • Targeting computers
  • Online harassment
  • Drug trafficking

It is sometimes difficult to find all the players and victims involved in cybercrime, but the nature of the internet allows for a trail of messages, IP addresses, etc. to track down as many people involved as possible.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation, or FBI, and the Department of Homeland Security, or DHS, primarily investigate and identify criminal activities online. They both employ large numbers of people with encryption experience as the use of encryption can make such criminals hard to find and prosecute.

Charges And Sentencing Options For Cybercrimes

Charges and sentencing options vary widely as the severity of cybercrimes is uniquely based upon the independent details involved in your case. You could be charged with a state misdemeanor and pay a fine or spend some time on probation. You could be charged with a felony by the state and spend years in prison along with expensive fines and internet limitations upon release.

If your crime crossed state or international lines, involved sex crimes with children, or disenfranchised a large population of people by taking large amounts of money, the federal government will charge you severely. They are known for their enhanced punishments and consequences. Prison times are much longer and fines are incredibly higher.

You need to get out of jail as soon as possible to begin your defense. The cost of bail can be astronomical, depending on your current crime and prior criminal history. Call a bondsman you can trust to get you out of jail and into a lawyer’s office as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible.

Be Aware Of Cybercrime

Many people become involved in cybercrime and don’t even realize that they are committing a crime. Bullying, threats, harassment, and stalking online are crimes that people can fall into without realizing the harm that they are causing another person.

Nevada law states that a person must prove that someone knew that they were committing a crime and that they did so anyway with that knowledge. Unfortunately, some of these circumstances don’t begin as an intentional crime, but have heavy consequences anyway for the damage they put out into the universe.

For example, doxing, the practice of making someone’s most personal information public by publishing it online, can be the catalyst for much more serious crimes by vigilante strangers that you don’t even know.

Be aware of what is considered cybercrime before the police knock on your door. If something happens, and you are arrested, contact us at 8-Ball Bail Bonds to get you out of jail and back to your family. We work quickly, expertly, and charge the lowest rates available in Las Vegas.

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