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How to Help a Friend or Family Member Who Has Been Arrested

Aug 12, 2018Blog

A Friend or Family Member Has Been Arrested! What Can You Do to Help?

Spending some time in Las Vegas enjoying all the adult playground activities is a great way to get away from the daily grind. Some people take their partying to extremes and end up getting themselves into trouble with the law. If a friend or family member gets arrested and calls you for help, don’t panic. They’re counting on you to offer moral support and maybe even bail them out of jail so you need to keep a level head. Take a deep breath and follow these simple tips and everything will be alright.

Offer Love and Support

Being arrested is a scary event, to say the least.  The person who’s behind bars needs to know that they’re not alone and that they’re loved and supported. If you can’t go see them in person right away, make sure you stay in contact via telephone calls. Try not to be too critical and judgmental, they know that they made a mistake, and they’re likely feeling low as it is. Instead, offer reassurances that you’ll be there for them no matter what happens.

Gather Information

Before you can offer any help, you’re going to need information about what happened that led to the arrest and where it occurred. You’ll also need the full name of the person in custody and their booking or case number as this is how they’re identified within the system. Get the exact location of the jail, including the street address, city, zip code, and a telephone number. Finally, find out how much their bail is set at. Keep in mind that most of this information won’t be available until after the person is booked into the jail.

Arrange for Their Release

Once you’ve gotten all the information together, you can start the process of getting them released from custody. By far, the fastest way to do that is to contact a bail bondsman like 8-Ball Bail Bonds. Basically, you’ll enter into an agreement with them whereby you agree to pay 15% of the set bond. Payment can be made in cash, check, credit card, or using some form of collateral. In return, the bail bondsman will guarantee the court that the defendant will appear at their scheduled court dates.

Find Legal Representation

While it’s okay to do research regarding the legal consequences of being arrested, going to court without an attorney is never a good idea. Consult with a good Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to find out what options are available, and how best to proceed. Some attorneys offer a free consultation, so they can evaluate the case, which can be a real relief if you’ve already posted bail and are strapped for cash. If they agree to take the case, you may be able to make arrangements to spread the fees out over time.

Stay Involved Until It’s Over

The reason you were the person that they called is that they know you’re a reliable friend or family member. Make sure you stick with them until everything has been settled. That might mean taking them to their court appearances, helping with household chores, child care, or just being there to listen. Keep reminding them that their mistakes won’t change your love and loyalty. At the same time, you do want to set some expectations that they’ll learn from their mistakes and won’t make them again.


People make mistakes and sometimes those mistakes are serious enough to land them in jail. It’s natural to be worried, anxious, and even a little angry at a friend or loved one who’s messed up. Don’t just turn your back on them. When someone’s down they need to know they’re not alone. Be the supportive, loving person you are and lend them a hand. Contact us at 8-Ball Bail Bonds for more information about posting bail in Las Vegas, the fees involved, or anything related. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have, and we’ll assist you in any way we can.