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Bail for Legal Las Vegas Residents on Work Visas

Feb 16, 2022Blog

Las Vegas is a destination for visitors from around the world. Around 42 million visitors came to the city in 2019 alone. To keep the infrastructure of the Entertainment Capital of the World going, Las Vegas needs a lot of workers. Many of those workers also come here from around the world, and immigrants make up about 25% of the Las Vegas workforce.

Sometimes, legal Las Vegas residents here on work visas may find themselves in trouble with local authorities. Being arrested when you are away from home can be frightening, confusing, and stressful. 8-Ball Bail Bonds has the answers you need when you or a loved one are arrested when in Las Vegas on a work visa.

What happens if a foreign national on a work visa is arrested?

The process for your arrest will be very similar to the process for a U.S. citizen. The arresting officer will take you into custody, then fingerprint and photograph you. The police will search you and take any personal belongings for safe-keeping. Then you will wait in jail until your arraignment, where you will enter a plea and the judge will determine whether you can be released on bail.

For foreign nationals, there may be an additional step. When the police detain a foreign national, they may inform Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). ICE may then request an “immigration hold.” This happens more often when your immigration status isn’t certain or there are questions about the legitimacy of your visa. An immigration hold means that after the local police release you, they will transfer you to an ICE detention center. There, ICE will determine if you are in the country legally or can remain here on a work visa.

Are bail bonds available to an immigrant on a work visa?

Yes. As long as the judge grants it, anyone can post bail, including immigrants on work visas as well as illegal immigrants.

What will happen to my work visa if I’m arrested or convicted?

It depends on the crime and whether you are convicted. There is a difference between being arrested and being convicted. An arrest means the police suspect you of a crime, and a conviction means a judge or jury finds you guilty of the crime and it’s going on your criminal record. For most charges, an arrest won’t hurt your work visa status. If convicted, though, it may result in the cancellation of your work visa or may prevent you from renewing your visa in the future.

If you are concerned about your immigration status after an arrest or conviction, it’s best to speak to a lawyer experienced with immigration law.

Can I leave the country after posting bail?

It’s unlikely you’ll be able to leave the country once you are out on bail. The judge will likely make it a condition of your release that you stay in the area until your trial. If you do leave the country, it’s very unlikely you’ll be able to return to the United States. Authorities will flag your passport and may revoke your current work visa. It’s best to follow all the judge’s instructions and show up to every court date if you want to keep your work visa. Once the case is finished, you can determine if it’s best to return home or remain in the United States.

Have more questions about getting a bail bond when in Las Vegas on a work visa? We’re here to assist you and your loved ones during this difficult and stressful time. We offer low bail rates, fast release, and over a decade of experience with the Las Vegas legal system.  Get in touch with the 8-Ball Bail Bonds team today.