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Escorts Are Legal In Las Vegas, But Be Cautious

Mar 13, 2020Blog, Legal Tips

Las Vegas is among the most popular destinations for most people. It is common to hear people say that visiting Las Vegas is on their bucket list. The city is associated with the ultimate nightlife, casinos, escorts, and prostitutes. However, the holiday of your life might end up being your worst nightmare.

You might find yourself on the wrong side of the law by carelessly or naively engaging with prostitutes or escorts. Below are some facts to help you make your visit to Sin City worthwhile.

Escorts And Escort Services

Traversing a strange city by yourself does not sound like a fun endeavor. You would want someone to show you around. To help identify the best and safest places, according to your preferences. This is what escorts do.

An escort is an entertainer or a companion that hires out services. Escorts get paid for their time, unlike prostitutes, who are paid for sexual engagements. An escort can go as far as providing you with provocative services without necessitating sex.

However, the two of you can come into an agreement and have consensual sex at the end of the day, week, or month.

Escorts Are Legal in Las Vegas

An escort is a person who accompanies you for public or private services at a fee. Escort services are legal in Las Vegas and the entire Clark County. However, there are restrictions.

Ask license or/and work cards when hiring an escort, as mandated by the state. Escorts are barred from offering sexual services at a fee. They are also not allowed to advertise sex. Run away from an escort that claims to provide sex. That’s a scammer who could land you in trouble.

Beware of sting operations and undercover officers posing as escorts to catch guilty parties and sex solicitors. People have been arrested and charged during such operations.

Prostitution Is Illegal in Las Vegas

Prostitution is illegal in most parts of the United States. However, the laws are a little different in Nevada. Prostitution in Nevada is only legal in counties with a population of fewer than 700,000 people. You can own or visit a brothel in such counties.

The escort and prostitution business is so rampant in the city such that many people tend to believe that it is legal. However, this is not true. Prostitution is illegal in the entire Clark County, including Las Vegas, since its population exceeds 700,000. Tourists always find themselves in trouble, with some ending up being in jail.

Differences Between Prostitutes And Escorts

An escort charges you for time and companionship. Conversely, a prostitute charges money for sex. As mentioned earlier, prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas since Clark County has more than 700,000 people.

Both the sex workers and the customer are guilty of prostitution. The charges differ for first-time and second offenders. You can find the penalties, charges, and fines for engaging in prostitution and solicitation here.

County and other events lead to a hike in prostitution and illegal escort services, leading to more arrests. For instance, there was a surge in prostitution-related arrests during conventions and sporting events. Such was the case during the Mayweather vs McGregor fight.

Prostitute or Escorts?

In need of a good time in Las Vegas? Just hire a legal escort and avoid trouble with the law. However, remember to ask for all the work permits and licenses. Prostitutes are risky, and will just cause you trouble.

Conclusion — What if you get arrested?

Sometimes trouble seems to follow us no matter how hard we try to evade it. In case you are arrested for solicitation or pandering you can contact 8-Ball Bail Bonds to help you deal with your sex-related charges. You can visit our blog for additional informative pieces.