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Electric Daisy Carnival – Stay Safe, Stay out of Jail

May 17, 2018Blog, Legal Tips

Three things that signify the start of summer in Las Vegas are higher temperatures, longer days, and the Electric Daisy Carnival! For several years now, the EDC has been combining electronic dance music, interactive art, carnival rides and a massive party for all (over 18) to enjoy. This three-night event just gets bigger and better every year and is expected to draw thousands of people from all over the world. Festival goers will walk through a maze of other-worldly scenes incorporating the union of technology and nature. They will be affected and moved by the most vibrant and exciting displays of light, sound and art. While the world sleeps, your imagination will be ignited and you will be transformed by all kinds of stunning and life-affirming experiences. You’ll give and receive positive vibes, make memories, and connect with the Electric Daisy Carnival community!

With thousands of guests partying all night long, the event staff is tasked with keeping order and ensuring the safety of attendees. The EDC always does a great job in making it a safe and positive event.

But with the high amount of security employed by the EDC to keep guests safe also comes high arrest rates for charges typically related to possession, assault, and indecent exposure. It is well known that the EDC has a zero tolerance policy for drug use or possession. Consequently festival staff and the Las Vegas Police Department will be working all points of entry, conducting TSA-style searches of ticket holders in order to stop prohibited items, especially controlled substances and weapons, from being brought in. Security and local law enforcement will be patrolling the inside of the event as well.

During the 2017 Electric Daisy Carnival, there were 95 felony arrests, mostly involving narcotics.

If you happen to be caught doing anything illegal, standard procedure at EDC is to detain you in an onsite processing center. Depending on your charges, you may be ticketed and ejected from the event. In some cases and depending on the severity, persons who have been arrested will remain in a holding area until they are turned over to the Police and taken to jail.

If you find yourself in trouble during EDC, call us …

8-Ball Bail bonds wants you to have an amazing experience at the Electric Daisy Carnival! But if you find yourself in some trouble for any reason, we want to be there to help you out! We have helped party goers of the EDC for years in the matters of felony arrest for charges such as trafficking, possession and intent to sell, DUI, and public intoxication. We know the process at EDC, at all of the respective courts, and can process your bail fast for any and all drug related charges.

8-Ball Bail Bonds is highly experienced in posting of bond for visitors, tourists and EDC visitors from out of state.

At 8-Ball Bail Bonds we are vary familiar with EDC and have years of experience helping attendees who have found themselves on the wrong side of the law. We can get you bailed out fast with professional, discrete service. 8-Ball charges the lowest rates allowed by law and we have NO hidden fees. Payment plans are always available when needed. Bail is available to you 24/7/365 by phone, email and fax, so please get in touch with us if you need a little help!

See the Electric Daisy Carnival website for specific event info: