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Don’t Get Arrested on a Flight to Las Vegas!

May 10, 2022Blog

In 2021, Las Vegas recorded roughly 32 million visitors flying in from everywhere in the world to experience all that our beautiful city has to offer. Given those numbers, it is not shocking that crew members have had to deal with some passengers who wind up causing trouble. We have all seen the videos on social media: An argument between a passenger and a flight attendant, resulting in the passenger being escorted down the aisle in handcuffs by a Federal Marshall. This article discusses the reasons for arrest and charges unruly passengers will face when a crime is committed on a flight to Las Vegas.

Reasons for Passenger Arrests While Inbound to Las Vegas

An onboard or inflight arrest occurs when any crime is committed after the plane is ready for take-off. Once the airplane doors are closed after boarding, there are special legal circumstances to ensure crew and passenger safety. Passengers agree to this when they purchase their ticket. As Federal Laws state, passengers may be arrested on an flight for the following reasons:

  • Fails to obey the instructions of a crew member
  • Disrupts the flight under the influence of alcohol or not
  • Assault, intimidates, threatens, or interferes with the crew member’s duties and performance.

The Charges an Unruly Passenger May Face

According to federal law, any incident of crime on board an airplane can subject you to federal criminal charges. After a conviction, the punishment and penalties of federal crimes are stiffer than other offences. Since there is no parole, you serve the whole sentence in federal prison. Here are some “inflight” charges most passengers face;

  • Disorderly conduct
  • Criminal harassment
  • Open and Lewd conduct
  • Making terrorist threats
  • Assault

The Airport and Plane Jurisdiction

The special aircraft jurisdiction is a rule for a plane piracy offense that proscribes violation or interference with crew attendants. The special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States includes any commercial airplane of and in the United States.

Does the Arrest Result in Federal Charges?

If you are arrested on a flight on the way to Las Vegas, the arrest can result in federal charges. But you will most definitely be removed from the plane in federal custody. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) imposes civil fines and criminal charges for an inbound passenger if they;

  • Interfere with or block the crew member’s duties
  • Assaulting or committing any other crimes against crew members or other passengers

Why would a Passenger be Banned or Put on a No Fly List?

Airlines can ban passengers from flying because of unruly in-flight behavior. The federal no-fly list is mainly for passengers suspected to be involved in terrorist activities. However, the airline union and national administration seek to create a government no-fly list. Talks are ongoing to help commercial carriers curb the increase of unruly passengers and attacks on flight attendants and other passengers on board.

What to Do to Avoid Arrest on a Plane to Las Vegas

Your flight to Las Vegas can be smooth and enjoyable. You can increase your chances of landing at your destination without any legal trouble by remaining calm and polite while on board and by following the instructions of flight staff. You should make an effort to not disrupt or engage negatively with other passengers. It is also best to void excessive drinking before your flight, as it can cause you to create a disturbance for airline staff and others onboard.

The Key Takeaways

Being arrested on an airplane is avoidable! But if you or anyone you know is arrested on an airline, bail is available to secure your release. You can choose these bail options;

  • Signature Bonds
  • Cash Bonds
  • Own Recognizance
  • Surety Bonds

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