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Bail Bonds for Foreign Tourists in Las Vegas

Mar 17, 2022Blog

What Happens in Vegas Stays In Vegas (Especially Those Jailed in Vegas)

Ah, fabulous, vibrant Las Vegas. It’s one of America’s most popular tourist attractions and still attracts nearly 20 million visitors annually, despite the pandemic restrictions (usually around 40 million visit per year). Its visitors include globetrotters and patrons from overseas that have heard about the delights of Vegas. They experience the glittering twinkle of The Strip, exotic animal and performance dance shows, wild clubs, the whirl of a ball hitting a roulette table, warm temperatures, and liberal drinking laws.  What could possibly go wrong?

Well, a lot can happen in a city designed to be a place where people party. While the majority of visits to Las Vegas by international visitors typically involve a wonderful time and stay at a luxurious hotel, some find themselves in legal trouble. There’s a dark side to Las Vegas in the sense that it has a lot of highly intoxicated tourists, gigantic crowds, endless gambling, and a drug and prostitution scene. Any of these elements alone can result in people getting out of control, but high-stakes gambling (including losses and wins) paired drug and alcohol consumption is like pouring gasoline on a fire.

Being arrested while overly intoxicated, emotionally reactive and/ or violent, and put in a cruiser is already embarrassing and disturbing. If it happens to a foreign national, especially ones that don’t speak English, then the experience is particularly frightening and disturbing.

What happens if a foreign national is arrested? How is the process different?

It’s easier to get arrested in Las Vegas than people would think because there’s a large Law Enforcement presence. Secondly, while the laws are more liberal in some regards to drinking, DUIs are still an offense and so is drunk and disorderly conduct. Many tourists are arrested in Vegas because they aren’t used to the level of stimulation in Vegas and go overboard. They can have lower tolerances for alcohol, are less experienced at gambling and incur more losses, and have a tendency to get in trouble for seeking prostitution or drugs (smaller cities have less of a market for illegal services).

Even though foreign nationals may not completely understand Las Vegas laws, they will still be arrested if they’re caught breaking the law. A foreign national may wind up in even more trouble if they’re arrested and don’t understand why it is happening. They could easily panic and end up with an assault charge if they resist an arrest. If a foreign national is arrested, the process isn’t much different. If a translator or police officer who speaks their language is available, they may have a chance to talk to them. In the event of criminal proceedings, a translator would be required to process their case.

Unfortunately, most police officers believe that not knowing the law is not an excuse for breaking the law. When foreign nationals are arrested in Vegas for committing a crime, they will be booked like anyone else who breaks the law. The best option for them is to get a contact’s phone number, ask for a translator, find an attorney, and ask people in jail or guards to help them.

Can they bail out of jail? Are bail bonds even available to them?

The US Constitution grants the right to bail to all United States citizens and this includes visiting foreign nationals. If the person arrested were considered an undocumented immigrant as opposed to a tourist, then they may be sent to an immigration center and deported instead. However, when it comes to prosecuting foreign nationals, the same rules apply.

There are cases in the United States and the state of Nevada where bail can be denied. If a person is arrested for a serious offense like first-degree murder and strong circumstance proof supporting the charge exists, bail can be denied. In rare cases of extremely brutal crimes, crime sprees, mass shootings, and other grave events, bail will absolutely be denied if a person is that much of a threat to the public. Otherwise, the bail amount is determined by the severity of the crime.

Lastly, bail can be denied if a person is deemed a flight risk. Usually, this applies to US citizens and documented immigrants who have existing charges and fled them. If a person is merely visiting Las Vegas on vacation, then there is no reason to assume that they are a flight risk on the basis of their nationality alone. They may have to adjust their plans accordingly to meet court dates, but they can’t be denied bail as a nonresident alone.

What are the conditions of bail? Is their passport flagged, could they leave the US if they tried?

The conditions of the bail will be extremely inconvenient and expensive for the foreign national. They will have to pay their bond. They may have to remain in the country and hope that the wait for a trial is not long. They will have to obtain lodgings and wait, or bond out and reschedule a return for a trial.

When detained, they can speak to a lawyer and request a speedy trial based on their intent to return home. The lawyer can plead their case to the judge. If convicted of a crime, they would be placed in custody and could not leave until the sentence was completed.

When people talk about a passport being flagged, the alert is given if the person has fled and ever tries to return. Technically, they could leave, but they would face the consequence of arrest if they ever return.

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