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What do Bounty Hunters Do?

Jul 20, 2017Bail Bond Information, Blog

Bounty hunting is a profession that’s full of stereotypes. The popular show Dog, the Bounty Hunter has helped to perpetuate the image of bounty hunter as a macho, muscular and heavily tattooed character. Movies and novels about bounty hunters are full of car chases, shootouts, and fistfights. The term actually goes back to the days of the Old West, which reinforces the violent stereotype of the gun-toting bounty hunter. The fact is, however, today’s bounty hunters are mostly well-trained professionals who perform a specific and legal task. Let’s look at what a bounty hunter really does and how it differs from the popular image.

The Purpose of a Bounty Hunter

The official job title of a bounty hunter is bail enforcement agent. They’re also known as fugitive recovery agents. Bounty hunters are an essential part of the bail process. When a defendant posts bail, they usually only pay a premium to the bail bondsman, which is nonrefundable. This fee is regulated by states. In Nevada, for example, it’s 15 percent. So if bail is set at $100,000, the defendant pays $15,000 to the bail bond agent. If he or she shows up in court as required, there’s no further requirement for payment. However, when someone flees, the bail bond agent must pay the court the entire value of the bail bond. Bounty hunters track down this type of fugitive.

How do Bounty Hunters Work?

Although bounty hunters are part of the law enforcement process, they are independent contractors and not government employees. At the same time, they have the authority to arrest fugitives. When people purchase bail bonds, they enter into an agreement that allows the bail bonds agent to arrest them if they violate the contract. When bounty hunters successfully capture fugitives, they receive a percentage of the bail bond, usually between 10 and 20 percent.

A great deal of bounty hunters’ work is research. Finding a fugitive who doesn’t want to be found is not easy work. Like police or federal agents, bounty hunters must be very resourceful. Today, this also requires a certain amount of technological savvy. They access online databases to find out as much as possible. However, they also have to get out in the field and talk to people who may know the fugitive’s whereabouts.

The most important task for a bounty hunter, of course, is to actually find and capture the fugitive. Contrary to popular belief, this is not usually a violent encounter. Bounty hunters may pose as FedEx drivers or repairmen to surprise fugitives. While some fugitives attempt to flee or turn violent, the majority comply when bounty hunters confront them. One reason for this is that people charged with violent crimes are not usually offered bail. Still, bounty hunting is a dangerous occupation. In addition to dealing with defendants, they often venture into dangerous neighborhoods and talk to people on the fringes of society.

8-Ball Bail Bonds and Bounty Hunters

Although every bail bond agent has to work with bounty hunters some of the time, it’s always a last resort. 8-Ball does everything possible to work with clients so bounty hunters aren’t necessary. We are customer and community-oriented, so our goal is to come up with arrangements that are beneficial to everyone. Since we operate in the Las Vegas area, our clients are tourists as well as locals. Many people get arrested after getting caught up in the city’s party atmosphere.

We understand that getting arrested for any reason is a stressful experience so we do everything possible to help clients understand every aspect of the process. We work with clients to come up with affordable payment plans for bail. We also offer multiple methods of payment. We’re pro-active about educating clients and walking them through the whole bail process. We help people understand that it’s never in their best interest to skip on bail. This helps us avoid having to involve bounty hunters in most cases. 8-Ball is available 24/7 in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.  For more information, contact us.