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Transfer Bonds: When You Are Arrested In Another State

Apr 10, 2017Bail Bond Information, Blog

The judicial world is a hugely complicated and vast mechanism of laws and their subsequent processes. For those attempting to navigate this world on their own, it can be overwhelmingly stressful. With that said, knowing what to know is the first step. This becomes even more relevant when it comes to an arrest and understanding your personal rights and how to free yourself from detention.

This is especially pertinent for those that find themselves detained out of their home state.

The detainee is cut off from their regular resources, which makes it difficult to obtain bond, and they are forced to work around unfamiliar laws that are linked to the out-of-state jurisdiction. With that said, many bail bonds companies offer transfer bonds.

What is a Transfer Bond?

A transfer bond is when a bond is posted from the home state of an arrested or detained individual. It is roughly equivalent to cash or a surety bond. Through a transfer bond, family or friends are able to sign paperwork on your behalf and obtain bail to successfully release you from detention.

The out-of-state bail bonds company will work directly with the bail bonds the individual chooses in their home state. The transfer bond process requires a lengthier and more detailed process, as well as more man-hours than a normal in-state bond. Therefore, while transfer bonds offer an exceptional convenience for a tenuous situation, it also means extra fees for the detainee and their family or friends. This fee is usually called a Transfer Bond Execution Fee and can range from $50 to $100. With that said, the amount of the fee is determined by state and federal regulations, so it’s important to inquire with the out-of-state bail bond company.

Financial Responsibility

Understanding what a transfer bond can do for you is the first part. Understanding who is on the hook if you are unable or unwilling to pay is another aspect that sets transfer bonds apart from regular bonds.

As with the normal bond process, the detainee is responsible for repaying the bond. Yet, when it comes to transfer bonds where more than one bail bond agent is involved, financial liability can become convoluted.

In short, the agent requesting the writing of the bond is financially liable for the repayment of the bond or, in some instances, collection of the proffered collateral. The Executing Agent, the bondsman who writes the bond, is not financially liable. This means the out-of-state bail bondsman or company is not responsible for your bond financially, while your home-state bail bondsman is.

How to Get a Transfer Bond

Obtaining a transfer bond depends on the state you are arrested in, as well as the state you are requesting the bond from. Conveniently, most of the work comes down to the bond agents coordinating and communicating. They are responsible for underwriting the bond, preparing the paperwork, and obtaining the signatures and collateral from the home-state family or friends.

With that said, it’s the detainees responsibility to get the ball rolling.

It’s always a good idea to notify any family or friends first. They will be a key part of securing a bond on your behalf. If you already know of a bail bond company in your home state and also have access to a phone line allowing long distance calls, you can begin by contacting them or asking a family member or friend to do so. With that said, if long distance calls are not a possibility, you will need to contact a bail bonds company in the state of your arrest.

A qualified, licensed, and reliable bail bondsman will be well versed in transfer bond processes and will take the reins from there.

NOTE: Illinois, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Oregon do not allow private bail for profit, therefore there are no bail bondsman in these states.


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