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Payment Methods at 8-Ball Bail Bonds

Apr 1, 2017Bail Bond Information, Blog

Few people have a plan in case they go to jail. But, in high tourist areas like Las Vegas, circumstances can lead to misunderstandings, and you or somebody you love could be arrested.

At 8-Ball Bail Bonds, we understand most people aren’t familiar with the Nevada bail bond system. We work with our clients to make the whole procedure as painless as possible. We also understand that tourists are away from home and may not have access to all their funds to bail themselves out of jail.

So, we are very flexible in how we accept payment for our services. We want to work with you, but Nevada law is very specific and strict with bail bond laws. However, we don’t want them to be a barrier to getting you out of jail.

Here’s How We Work

In order to be bailed out of jail, you have to provide 15% of the bail to us. As an example, if the bail is $10,000 you would have to provide $1,500 to us in order for us to provide the bond for the remaining $8,500.

The 15% fee is required by Nevada State law. All legitimate bail bond businesses charge the same amount. The fee cannot be lower than 15%, and anybody who offers you a bond for a lower amount is not being honest and are probably not licensed bail bondsman.

Usually, 8-Ball Bail Bonds will only accept cash or credit cards for the fee. However, there are times we will make exceptions or set up a structured payment plan.

Exceptions For Checks

We understand the 15% fee is high and people may not be able to come up with the full amount. So we will accept other forms of partial payment and accept checks for the rest of the sum.

For instance, going back to the example with the $1,500 fee, we might take $500 in cash and accept a check for the remaining amount. We will accept paychecks and, occasionally, company checks for the rest of the money.

We very rarely accept personal checks.

We accept all checks on a case-by-case basis. Every bail situation is different, but we will work with clients.

Payment Plans

We will establish no-interest payment plans for part of the fee. We will accept a small down payment, usually 5-10%,  and set up a regular payment plan for the rest of the amount.

We usually arrange for the remainder of the money to be paid back within four months. We structure the payment schedule around the amount of the fee and the client’s financial situation. Again, we are flexible and work with our clients, so the payment structure isn’t too much of a burden for them.

Why Choose 8-Ball Bail Bonds?

So, why choose us if the fees are all the same for every bail bond company? We do more than get you out of jail. Like you, we want a successful outcome to your problem, so we stick with you throughout the process.

During the bail process, we explain everything that is occurring, tell you what to expect, and put you in the right direction. We are experienced professionals, and we’ve navigated the immense Clark County court system for many years. We get clients out of jail FAST, and we’ll fulfill all legal obligations, so there aren’t any problems with your bail.

Additionally, 8-Ball Bail Bonds can provide bail in almost every state in the United States. We provide bail services via e-mail and fax.

8-Ball Bail Bonds is available 24/7/365, including weekends and holidays. If you are in immediate need of bail or anticipate needing our services, call us. We’re here to help you.