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How Long Does It Take to Bail Out Of Jail In Las Vegas?

Apr 5, 2017Bail Bond Information, Blog

Jail is the last place a person wants to be while in Las Vegas. The first comment to friends and family is often, “get me out of here!” Being arrested and taken into custody is stressful and scary, but the best advice is to remain calm and not panic. At this point you are wondering how long it takes to bail out of jail in Las Vegas. There is a process to follow, a few tips to make your ordeal easier, and help if you need it.

Booking Process

Upon arrest, a person must go through the booking process before arranging bail. The booking process includes fingerprinting, having a picture taken, and jail staff will collect your personal belongings, which you receive upon release.

Posting Bail

Bail is usually posted within 20 minutes of the cosigner arriving at the office. The bond is then delivered to the courthouse by the bond company. 8-Ball Bail Bonds places such an emphasis on expediting the process, they employ runners who are available 24/7 for bond delivery.

Wait Time

Once bond is posted and delivered to the courthouse, 8-Ball Bail Bonds is usually able to determine the release time. Release times will vary depending on the jail and the backlog of arrests. Most wait times average 6-12 hours for release. Release times are as little as 4 hours or as long as 24 hours for the Las Vegas jail. Henderson jails have specific release times of 4 pm, 9 pm, and 3 am.

Patience is a Virtue

Getting out of jail is a process and it is important to remain patient as the appropriate steps happen. Be assured by the fact that you have employed a knowledgeable bail bond company that knows how the system works. While the process is new to you, the experienced staff at 8-Ball Bail Bonds will work quickly and efficiently to secure your release.

Attitude is Everything

Law enforcement and correctional officers deal with a variety of issues and people on a daily basis. A bad attitude from you, your friends, or your family will serve you no purpose. In fact, a bad attitude may result in delaying your release. There’s an old saying that “cooler heads prevail.” This is especially true when one is awaiting release from jail.

This is Vegas

Las Vegas is unlike most large cities because it is a mecca for tourism. The city draws an average of 42 million visitors each year. Depending upon the time of the year and the tourist season, a release from jail may take longer due to the volume of arrests. Don’t go through the process alone; secure 8-Ball Bail Bonds immediately.

Experience You Can Trust

8-Ball Bail Bonds, established in 2009, “provide a service with positive results while dealing with a not-so-positive situation.” A primary goal is to establish a relationship of mutual respect. In return, the 8-Ball staff asks that clients adhere to the laws and complete their obligation to the courts until their bond is exonerated. Communication is key to a successful relationship between bondsmen and clients. 8-Ball Bail Bonds prides itself on its reputation as a strong communicator throughout the bail bond process.

Breathe and Trust the Process

Trusting the process is easier said than done when you are feeling scared, stressed, and confused. While the experience is new to you, you certainly aren’t the first and won’t be the last person arrested and booked into jail. The process that is in place is one that works. It’s been tested time and again. 8-Ball knows the ropes, the courts, and the process and their experienced staff will work as quickly as possible to secure your release. The most important thing you can do in return is to obey the rules, keep your cool, and trust the process. Try not to panic. For more information about 8-Ball Bail Bonds, contact us. We provide free consultations and we are conveniently located in downtown Las Vegas.