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5 Reasons Posting Bail is a Winning Strategy For Your Case

Mar 27, 2017Bail Bond Information, Blog, Legal Tips

Landing in jail is a devastating scenario for anyone. Whatever situation led to your arrest, the experience is frightening. While awaiting trial, it is important you take steps to make sure you do not end up spending more time in jail. Your first step is to post bail. If you have found yourself in this difficult predicament, we, at 8-ball bail bonds, are here to help you every step of the way. Here are 5 reasons you should always post bail.

Gain your freedom

One of the main benefits of posting bail is that you gain your freedom until the date of trial. Getting out of jail as soon as possible is definitely a big boost for you during this time. You can make preparations for the trial and continue with life. No one wants to be locked up while awaiting trial. So, although this is a devastating time, it helps in the end to find a way to post bail. You may need to ask someone to help you put up collateral for the bond, but gaining your freedom will be like a breath of fresh air. When you are on the outside, you will be better able to have an attorney help you with your defense.

Keep your job

Going to jail is bad enough but you don’t want to lose your job, too. When you post bond and get out of jail, you can return immediately to work. There need not be any gaps in your work history, loss of income, or worse yet a loss of your job altogether.

Another benefit of going back to work is the way it positively affects your case. The judge or jury is likely to view you more favorably if you have steady work. Your consistent work history reflects on you as a person.

 Prepare for your case

The time between your arrest and trial is the most important period. This is the only time you and your attorney have to prepare for the case. Considering this will impact your life in such a profound manner, nothing is more important than having the time you need to prepare. Also, you want a clear mind to communicate clearly with your attorney. Being in jail during this critical time period hinders these moments. Jail has a way of interfering with our concentration, attention, and communication. Being out of jail gives you the time, space, and concentration you need to adequately prepare for one of the most important days in your life.

Go to trial dressed in style

Studies reveal that people can’t help but form first impressions about people they meet for the first time. Actually, call it split impressions because it happens in a fraction of one second. Often times, first impressions are difficult to change. That’s why it is so important to post bail now and get out of jail. When you do this, you can dress for court wearing your best clothes and make a great impression. Think of the impression the jury gets when they see an inmate come into court wearing the jail jumpsuit and shackles. People are human and cannot erase the image from their mind. It leads the jury to preconceived notions. Even an innocent person may “seem” guilty to the jury when dressed in prison garb. Let’s face it, you look more believable sporting a suit and tie rather than weighed down by shackles.

Keep your reputation intact

Suppose you didn’t post bail, then went to trial and was found not guilty. Of course, you would be thrilled to have the not guilty verdict, but what about all the time you spent in jail awaiting trial? What did the people at your work think? How about the neighbors? What about the time you lost with your family? The fact is when you spend that amount of time in jail, your reputation is damaged. Don’t let this happen to you.

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